Inspirational Mentor of the Year

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Inspirational Mentor of the Year 

sponsored by TechX at the Oil & Gas Technology Centre: 


This award recognises the vital role mentors play in passing on their skills, knowledge and expertise to the next generation of business owners in Scotland’s North East. For many, the extraordinary commitment from an experienced mentor encourages the development of skills and knowledge that can vastly improve their business potential and performance.

We are looking to celebrate well respected candidates in their field who have excelled in sharing their experience and expertise with business owners to lead them to success and professional development. We are looking for an individual that has not only made a difference to the business of their mentee(s), but who supports the emergence of new and growing businesses in their region and/or sector.

We'd like to hear from either:

Mentees who have benefitted significantly with the development of their business plans and progression from the impact of their mentor's input.


Mentors themselves who recognise the impact they have had on a mentee, their business and the wider business community.


Nominators who recognise the impact a mentor has had on a business, utilising their skills and expertise. This might be a colleague or other professional that has recognised the contribution this individual has made in the field.


1. The Mentor

  • Name of mentor
  • Contact details for mentor: Phone Number/ Email Address/Address.
  • Link to website or professional profile for mentor


2. If you are not the mentor, explain your relationship to the mentor being nominated

(Word Count, 500 words)


3. How has this mentor positively impacted a mentee and their business?

(Word count, 1000 words)


4. How does this mentor demonstrate a willingness to dedicate their time, experience and knowledge, support and enthusiasm?

(Word Count, 500 words)


5. What makes this mentor’s approach to supporting others unique?

(Word Count, 500 words)


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