Enterprising Communities

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Enterprising Communities:



This award recognises a community-based organisation or business that demonstrates a strong commitment to its local community by the way it engages and interacts with its operating environment.

These may be fully commercial businesses or social enterprises and charities, the important thing is that they can demonstrate that they are rooted in their community and go the extra mile to bring genuine value to their locality through engagement and support.

1. Why should this business, individual, charity or social enterprise win this award?

(Word Count, 1000 words)

Please consider the following points in your answer:

  • How has this business identified and significantly contributed to the communities concerned?
  • What barriers to contribution to the community have they had to overcome?
  • What activities and changes they have put in place to address the needs of their communities/community?
  • Have they taken a unique approach to measuring the results of community involvement?
  • How they have engaged and added value within the community?
  • How they have embedded Corporate Social Responsibility values into the culture of their business?

2. Please provide an overview of the below points in the text box provided, in relation to the applicant.

(Word Count, 1000 words)

  • The applicant’s clearly defined understanding of the community and its economic needs
  • The activities implemented to satisfy this community need.
  • The effective measurement of the benefits of these activities to the organisation, its customers, employees and the community.