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Business Boost is a new service from Business Gateway Aberdeen City and Shire to Boost YOUR Business’s growth, funded by European Funding (ERDF).

Did you think that Business Gateway exists only for start–up businesses?

If so, you’ll be surprised to hear that last year over 900 established businesses across Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire tapped into fully funded Business Gateway assistance to develop new products, enter into new markets or better develop their workforces.  

To bolster the support already available, Business Gateway has from 1st April 2017, introduced additional services specifically geared towards helping ambitious local businesses achieve their growth plans.

These new services are called Business Boost and will enable you to access a number of areas of additional specialist support at no cost to you including:




Digital Marketing                             

Human Resources                          



To qualify, your business has to have been trading for a minimum of 6 months and be motivated to increase your turnover by a minimum of £100,000 over the next 3 years. We’ll appoint a Business Adviser to assist you with your planning and to ensure that you are accessing the most appropriate products to suit your business. 

Are you an ambitious existing business with ambitions for growth in turnover of over £100,000 in 3 years? 

If the answer is yes, simply click ’Business Boost Sign Up' below and an Adviser will respond to your enquiry. 

Business Boost services are available to Aberdeen City and Shire businesses as a result of additional European Funds. 

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