The Wood Group Award for Innovation

This is always an interesting category, every year the judges are impressed and often bamboozled by the range of technology that is presented to them.

They’ve seen everything from a revolutionary self-locking lifting hook for the offshore, mining, construction, shipping industries; pre-made drilling assemblies; models for offshore tidal power; and down hole drilling widgets.

Gordon Stirling presenting Gregor & Grant Keenan with their award Last year the Wood Group Award for Innovation was presented to Keenan Recycling. The firm was set up when company director Grant Keenan saw a gap in the market for organic recycling, and has grown to operate out of a £3.2 million facility at New Deer. The plant recycles garden waste from local authorities for use as chemical-free compost for farming and gardening, while food waste from businesses across Scotland is processed for use as a soil improver. The judging panel felt Keenan was a business founded on innovation, with a fearless team that was prepared to use their innovative thinking to solve problems.

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