Carruthers Renewables Ltd

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Name of the Leading Founder:

Penelope Carruthers

Founder Team Members:

David Ross Carruthers, Patricia Carruthers

Company Name:

Carruthers Renewables Ltd

Contact Details:

Penelope Carruthers
Mobile: 07931231054

Succinctly put – What is the business?

Commercialisation of Carruthers Waterwheel. Initially acting as an engineering consultant to pioneer use of the wheel in small hydro in the UK. Finally licensing and promoting the use of wheel globally whilst providing support and consulting services on the technology and expansion of its use.

Target market:

Anyone with a weir over 2m, flow over 1m^3/s

The business described in 4 words:

Low head hydro-electricity
  • Penelope Carruthers

  • David Ross Carruthers