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Yekemi Otaru

About the business:

Conducting marketing activities can be an overwhelming adventure for businesses who are time-poor, have limited resources, little marketing expertise and a budget that needs to go far.

YO! Marketing will save businesses time and money by supporting them through impactful marketing activities. To help business owners achieve their marketing goals, YO! Marketing offers one to one consultations, and an innovative web application, sure to be called "Amazing" by its users.

YO! Marketing's amazing application is like an intelligent Swiss army knife. It consists of multiple tools, and will recommend the right tool for what needs to be achieved with marketing a product. It takes into consideration the product life cycle- giving tailored advice, and helping businesses to manage their products’ performance in the marketplace.

Founder Yekemi Otaru has 12 years’ experience with Fortune 500 companies like Schlumberger and General Electric. Over a decade’s worth of time spent in engineering and marketing has developed a combination of skills and a unique viewpoint that makes it possible for her to create stronger ties between marketing activities and business growth.

Target Market: 

Start-ups, SMEs, Corporates, Organisations with a portfolio of products, Start-ups needing marketing guidance once a product is launched.

The business described in 4 words:

Product Market Performance Management.

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