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Malcolm Isaacs

About the business:

Golf is difficult enough - booking should be easy…

Get more from the game: join in or create games at any course in the world!

With Ground Reaction Golf the tee sheet suddenly comes to life with social features that we are all accustomed to on our mobiles.  It will be easier than ever before for beginners, new members, juniors and visitors to engage with the game and discover a more enjoyable social golf experience.

As well as our social game feature, participating courses will also be able to use our innovative cloud based software for tee times.  Not only will this be much easier to book on a mobile than the market leader’s offering, it will seamlessly integrate with our social game feature. 

Forget stuffy, old fashioned and unwelcoming clubs. Create or join games that you want to play:

9 holes of social golf with a fellow beginner?

Looking to play with a fellow low handicapper on your visit to Scotland?

A game with an long time member to show you the ropes at your new club?

Discover awesome experiences with Ground Reaction Golf!

Target Market: 

Golf clubs and pro's

The business described in 4 words:

The Ultimate Golf Platform 

  • Malcolm Isaacs

    Founder of Ground Reaction Golf