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EBarEBar Initiatives


Sam Pettipher, Nick Beeson

About the business:

EBAR Initiatives is a company formed by two MBA graduates from Robert Gordon University. We are developing an innovative self-service unit which will take payment and serve drinks significantly faster than conventional dispensers. This technology will eliminate bar queues at large events. Our first target is the high-value beer market. Event organisers will serve existing customers faster and will create new customers who have previously been unwilling to queue. EBar will maximise revenue, reduce cost and improve overall customer service.

Target Market:Ā 

Event organisers who cannot meet peak beverage demand during their event.

The business described in 4 words:

Hate queues? Love EBaR

  • Sam Pettipher

    Founder of EBar Initiatives

  • Nick Beeson

    Founder of EBar Initiatives