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Craigmyle Carbon Capture


Gordon Drummond

About the business:

We displace peat-based soil products with a price and performance comparable "drop-in" substitute. Peat is a nonsustainable resource which could be manufactured from waste without necessitating land excavation and the environmental destruction caused in peat harvesting. We can make soils, thereby we make food, we make energy, we make sustainable society. The peat we make, we make through a completely green process. We transform low-value feedstock (tree bark) into a high-value product, bio-char (charcoal), Charcoal has been used as a soil improver/ conditioner since the dawn of time. We are adopting new technology to harness the carbon cycle, one of biology's first principles. We produce a soil conditioner / agricultural fertilizer that is configurable to meet any soil deficiency and can be optimised to enhance plant propagation and greater plant survival success.

Target Market: 

Garden centres, Tree Nurseries, Agri- chem manufacturers. 

The business described in 4 words:

Bark to Bio-fertilizers

  • Gordon Drummond

    Founder of Craigmyle Carbon Capture