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Chris Harvey

About the business:

We at Hydra Research capture, reconstruct, visualise and analyse, using your images to help turn your problems into simple solutions.  Hydra Research can help your business by creating 3D images tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for damage to difficult to access hardware, or are selling a product and need an interesting and interactive 3D image for your website, Hydra Research will meet your requirements. The technology we use is no longer just a tool for underwater Oil and Gas operations, but can be a low cost option for a number of sectors and industries.

Target Market: 

1.  Subsea Oil and Gas

2.  Heavy Industry onshore (Nuclear, Power Generation etc) via UAV

3.  Digital Cultural Heritage

4.  VR & computer games asset inventories

The business described in 4 words:

capture, reconstruct, visualise and analyse

  • Chris Harvey