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Gift Edit 


Katrina Jackson

About the business:

Gift Edit is a practical online space which helps you to create and share an edited visual and creative feature of the gifts you really want in an elegant way. Gift Edit's mission is to help people to give and receive gifts that are really wanted, that way everyone is happy - 

The model takes into account the inherent psychology of how the upcoming millennial generation interact and 'shop' online i.e. consumer lead interaction and not direct sales. Gift Edit doesn't sell anything, it simply provides a participatory community which allows people to share and shop their gift desires, whether for someone else or themselves, whatever the occasion.  The key is that the images added by the users are directly shoppable making it easy for all concerned.

Target Market: 

Millenial and Gen X (18 - 45) online users who want an inspirational and convenient way of expressing and receiving their gift 'desires'.

The business described in 4 words:

Practical, Fun, Inventive and Scalable

  • Katrina Jackson