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Scott Petrie

About the business:

Existing methods to execute confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements can take weeks to make their way through businesses, causing loss of momentum to innovative ideas and costing businesses time and money. Analysis Logic is developing a simple and innovative solution to reduce time wasted by existing NDA methods, through our secure web and app based system, NDAnow.

NDAnow facilitates innovation and collaboration across all sectors, allowing those important conversations to happen as they arise. From experts meeting at conferences to planned information sharing with suppliers, partners and customers, NDAnow will transform the way we protect our interests and intellectual property. NDAnow offers open and transparent dealings with partners, safeguarding intellectual property shared and strengthening trust in business relationships.

Target Market: 

Anyone from start-up businesses to trade bodies who want to safeguard their IP when talking to partners, suppliers and customers in a simple, time and cost effective way.

Conference organisers would also benefit from the system, to encourage collaboration between attendees meaning that real meaningful conversations can happen on the ground, rather than waiting weeks for an NDA.

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Simple IP Protection - NDAnow

  • Scott Petrie