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Alston Drinks


Kevin Alston

About the business:

Alston Drinks aim to create a new non-alcoholic drinking experience; the alternative to the standard mass produced soft drinks currently on the market.  Inspired by Scotland’s distillation heritage, Alston Drinks will create a  new distilled non alcoholic ‘spirit’ infused with primarily Scottish botanicals, providing a luxury non-alcoholic alterative for everyone.

Target Market: 

Whether you’re a designated driver, undertaking Dry January, or on a health kick, it is becoming increasingly common to choose an alcohol free beverage when out socialising. Alston Drinks will appeal to all, however the main target market is the older millennial aged 25-34, who are looking for a more grown up alternative to soft drinks available on the current market.  This group is leading the trend in purchasing more non-alcoholic beverages, and Alston  will appeal to them through producing a quality product, and branding that demonstrates its authenticity and provenance.

The business described in 4 words:

Innovative new drinking experience 

  • Kevin Alston