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Business Name: 

Rebel PT

Founder Name:

Mr Tom McAra

Miss Alice McAra

About the business:

We help people to enjoy being more active. We have created a club where our members can take part in our boot camps and events without worrying about being the slowest, oldest or the most overweight.

Target Market:

We target those who want to get out and explore more of what Scotland has to offer. This often includes new people who have moved to Aberdeen and don't have much of a social network and those who want to increase their fitness without using a gym.

Training providers are using the search engine to advertise their courses to our clients who use the LMS and the marketplace in external to improve their market share.

Business Background:

Student, Barman, Estate Agent.

The business described in 4 words:

Running, jumping, crawling, laughing.


Social media:


Snapchat: RebelTom



  • Mr Tom McAra

  • Miss Alice McAra