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Rate Your Garage Ltd

Founder Name:

Mr Alan Bell

About the business:

This will be the 'TripAdvisor' for garage owners and users. The website and app are supported by a clever database driven, user interface, which can be readily adapted to other markets out with the garage industry. Customers will be able to use the site and download the app, free of charge and will receive Insurance/MOT/Car Tax/Service etc reminders as part of the Service. Garages can claim their garage and subscribe to a range of packages allowing customer interaction and retention whilst being able to market directly to their customer base and utilise the app. 3rd party companies will design specific, timed marketing for the end user. They will be able to access key customer information and statistics to enable profiling. 3rd party customers will be encouraged to develop specific product offerings and "incentives" for the sites members.

Target Market: 

General public, garage owners, managers, board of directors, 3rd party insurance companies/tyre manufacturers/car manufacturers/etc

Business Background:

Founding Trustee and Director of Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance Director and shareholder of Island Leisure Ltd

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Garage industry's TripAdvisor Portal

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  • Alan Bell

    Founder of RateMyGarage Ltd