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Business Name: 

Perfume DNA

Founder Name:

Mrs Kelly Murray

About the business:

Perfume DNA invites people to create their own luxury artisan perfume. Uniquely, the experience focuses on how wearing a perfume makes individuals feel. The concept is about exploiting sense of smell to enhance wellbeing by triggering the part of the brain that controls emotions, behavior, memories and motivations. Customers will explore the science of scent in a design boutique environment where fragrance notes will be showcased. They will be guided through the creative process during an engaging, experimental experience that purposely attaches their sentiments and storytelling to scents. The result is beautiful feel-good perfumes that smell incredible, each bespoke to the individual creator.

Target Market: 

Perfume lovers who will enjoy an alternative to off the shelf luxury perfumes.
Savvy shoppers who are interested in getting more out of a perfume.
Those who are into alternative therapies, mindfulness, self discovery.
Creative, trend conscious consumers.
Primarily females aged 25-60 with disposable income.
Innovators, early adopters and early majority are my first target audience.

Business Background:

Eighteen years Oil & Gas industry experience has included various technical, operational, sales, marketing and management roles.

I've worked for two SMEs and two multinational companies. Most recently I was Chief Operating Officer at Red Spider when it was acquired by Halliburton, and was employed as UK Intervention Solutions Manager at Halliburton until January 2016. I was also Chair of the ICoTA (Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association) European Chapter February 2014- 2015.

The business described in 4 words:

Perfume Creation, Storytelling & Science

  • Mrs Kelly Murray