Pale Blue Dot Energy

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Business Name: 

Pale Blue Dot Energy

Founder Names:

Mr Tim Dumenil, Miss Hazel Clyne

About the business:

Pale Blue Dot Energy are Management Consultants for The Energy Transition. We deliver management consultancy advice in three key areas: 1) Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)
2) Oil & Gas Transition (to a low carbon future)
3) Emerging Energy Systems
We help organisations of all sizes to create opportunities and mitigate risks arising from major changes in the energy markets. Our team offers a very agile and flexible approach that combines consultant, innovator and developer.

Target Market:

The Energy Sector and Large Energy Users.

Business Background:

Pale Blue Dot are a team of 9 together with 4 Associates. We are differentiated from our competition by having evolved from a Commercial / Developer background in Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) since 2007. Our team comes from a diverse range of energy backgrounds from oil & gas, to offshore wind and large energy users. This creates core areas of expertise in Carbon Capture and Storage, Oil & Gas and Energy Transition.

The business described in 4 words:

Consultants for Energy Transition.



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  • Miss Hazel Clyne

  • Mr Tim Dumenil