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Karin Ovari Limited

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The Supervisors Hub

About the business:

A virtual coaching, mentoring, learning and resource hub for Supervisors (any position between employee and senior executives).

The intention is to create and provide a safe place for 'supervisors' to learn, grow, ask tough questions around dealing with their teams, peers, customers and managers that they are often not well equipped to do.

The service will be on-demand, practical and cost effective for both individuals and organisations.

Target Market: 

All middle management (from newbies, newly promoted, supervisors, front-line leaders, middle to senior managers).
As my experience base is in high hazard industry that will be my focus to begin with however the service can apply to any and all industry and individuals.

Business Background:

Regional Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa and UK/EIR for Intertek Consulting & Training business units. During the past 12+ years, I was inside the O&G sector as a principal consultant and safety coach. Focus on Behavioural based safety and leadership. Spend a good time out there on the rigs around the globe with 75% off the coast of Africa. Prior to this, I was a chief mate on an expedition yacht taking people around Antartica, Falklands and Patagonia. Prior to that, I was the head of a technical training division for a software consultancy company, prior to that I was a software implementation consultant in time recording for payroll systems. And a bit more but that is far enough back.

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Virtual Coaching & Development

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