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Business Name:    

VISTEM Limited 

Business Owner Name:    

John Turnbull, Joel Watt & Mark Stephen

Team member names and positions:  

John Turnbull  (Creative Director) 

Joel Watt (Finance Director)

Mark Stephen (Engineering Director)

Business Start Date:

October 2014

What the business does:

VISTEM designs, develops and implements new technologies for both the Transport and Oil and Gas Industry.  At present we supply the Oil and Gas industry with game changing products allowing our clients to attain measurable benefits. 

VISTEMs flagship product, The Z-ONE Safety System, is a Patented Intelligent Transport System for buses; that detects on-coming traffic and simultaneously any pedestrian stepping onto the road in front or behind the bus.

Z-ONE warns both parties of that a collision hazard exists, providing previously unavailable information allowing both parties to take evasive action; minimising the risk of collision.  We are moving towards feasibility testing commencing in August. 

Business background:  

John is a proven innovator with over 30 years combined practical and theoretical experience in the oil and gas industry. He excels in designing and developing new products suitable for any industry and introducing them to the market place in the UK and beyond. 

Joel (CA) and Mark (BEng) started up Jack Taylor in 2013 and seen the company through a successful period of growth.  The business acumen that has been gained during the rapid growth of Jack Taylor is being transferred to VISTEM. 

How the Elevator Programme is helping:   

Elevator is providing VISTEM with the support and understanding necessary to develop a robust business model during this critical start up stage. Achieved through the teaching of vital business techniques along with the access to experienced business personnel and mentors.

Ensuring that the Z-One Safety System will be planned, developed and delivered effectively. 

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Social media channels:   

John Turnbull LinkedIn 

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Contact details for any enquiries:

General Enquiries:  +44  (0) 800 080 6306

Sales Enquiries, Thomas Barter:   +44 (0) 7985 734229 

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