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Business Name:


Business Owner Name:

Thibaut Rey 

Team member names and positions: 

Thibaut Rey - Director

Jérémie Clos - Developer 

Proposed Business Start Date: 

1st Februrary 2016

Concise overview of what the business does:

Symchronise.IO provides a platform for developers on the cloud that reduces the time and the cost of building software by allowing them to put your app live faster. It integrates with existing information systems without the need to do any updates. The platform is automaticaly scaling allowing to handle as many users as you want without taking the risks to pay for servers you don't need at the time. 

Business Background:

Synchronise is the results of the need from the founder Thibaut Rey to build applications and websites in a better way. Instead of writing the same code again and again Thibaut decided to build a smart platform that is assisting developers to build the services of tomorrow, by using the technologies of today. 

How the Elevator Programme is helping or how you hope it will help:

Elevator is an incredible organisation that provides all the advice and training that a startup needs to go from idea to market. Thanks to its wide network of investors and trainers Elevator is giving us the key to success.  

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