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Business Name: 

Aroma Academy

Founder Names: 

Alan Gordon, Dr George Dodd

What is the business:

The training and development of Aroma/Flavour Recognition Skills utilising our core expertise in Aroma Science and the Sense & Psychology of Smell with an initial focus on the Wines & Spirits market.

The provision of Aroma & Scent Marketing Products and Services which influence consumer behaviour and enrich customer experiences.

The target market for the business:

Aroma Recognition: Wines/Spirits Producers, Educators/Trainers, Retailers, Enthusiasts  Aroma

Aroma Marketing: Wines/Spirits, General Experience Providers

The business described in 4 words:

Aroma Recognition : Learn to Nose like a Professional  Aroma Marketing : Influence Behaviour/Enrich Experiences

Aroma Marketing : Influence Behaviour/Enrich Experiences

  • Alan Gordon