Entrepreneurial Supporter of the Year

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Entrepreneurial Supporter of The Year

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Elevator believes that underpinning any vibrant business community is an army of professionals and volunteers who support the development of entrepreneurs. These individuals collectively play a significant role in the successes enjoyed by organisations in the North East of Scotland.

At an individual level, each supporter creates a deep personal impact on the lives of others and this award will be made to an individual who’s dedication to the task is deemed to be above and beyond the call of duty.

This Award will celebrate those entrepreneurs, businessmen, businesswomen, inventors, innovators, professional advisers, bankers, lawyers, accountants and mentors who have provided outstanding and significant support to entrepreneurs on a paid or unpaid basis in the last 12 months (up to 10/3/2017).

Part 1. Why do you think this person should win "The Entrepreneurial Supporter of the Year"? (Word Count – 1,000 words)

The list below illustrates the types of activity nominees might have undertaken. Please use this as a guide for your answer.

  • Mentoring and/or offering support either financial or advisory to start-ups or developing businesses. Helping others to develop the business skills used when starting or growing a business
  • Engaging with young people to help instill enterprise skills they may use in the future, promoting entrepreneurship as a real career option.
  • Promoting enterprise in disadvantaged communities or marginalised groups, changing perceptions that viable businesses can only emerge from mainstream entrepreneurship.
  • Being a role model to others, helping inspire new and existing entrepreneurs, creating ambition and the right attitude.

Part 2. Tell us more about you, the nominee/applicant (Word Count – maximum 500 words)

Please provide an overview of the below points in the text box provided in relation to the applicant: 

  • Why you want to nominate this person or why you are applying for this award
  • What relationship you have with this person
  • What impact you have seen this person have on your business or other businesses or what impact you have had on other businesses
  • How this person has inspired and encouraged you or how you have inspired and encouraged others.